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Serein is generously nestled around the sprawling expanses of Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Yeoor Hills.
What makes it more bountiful is the 7.5 acres spread with a host of avenues for those who want to redefine their lives. A place where every day ushers in new moments due to the endless amenities of the decentralized clubhouse.

  • India’s first wellness homes
  • Surrounded by a lush eco-system
  • Mindfully designed Amenities
  • Most coveted neighbourhood in Thane



Serein is enviously located on pokhran road 2, thane west, often referred to as the malabar hill of thane, and it’s no surprise why. It has a well-developed social infrastructure and connectivity, making it the most exclusive residential area in thane.

  • Upvan Lake - 1 km
  • Jupiter Hospital - 2.5 km
  • Smt Sulochanadevi Singhania School - 2.6 km
  • Viviana Mall - 2.7 km
  • Eastern Express highway - 3 km

Distances (shortest) are tentative and approximate, subject to road and infrastructure facilities provided by the appropriate authorities.


How the right living space can shape your moods

How the right living space can shape your moods
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A happy and serene atmosphere in your surroundings and your home can help you become happier, more focused and relaxed. Studies have shown that a healthy and pleasing environment (such as greenery, open ventilated spaces) not only improves your mood but can also positively affect your immune system and physical health. In addition to this, the right environment can help to combat and reduce stress, which in turn can positively impact your body and mind.

Here are the different features of a home that can affect your mood and wellbeing.
  • Optimum natural light and ventilation: Studies reveal that environments with bright light, can alleviate depression and anxiety. A bright, airy room, full of natural light perks you up and fills you with energy and vigour.
  • Contemporary design: As per the findings of Colin Ellard, a researcher studying the psychological impact of design at the University of Waterloo in Canada, building facades can strongly impact a person’s mood. A virtual reality experiment in Iceland revealed that for participants, the most engaging designs had a soothing mental effect.
  • Open spaces, such as balconies and viewing deck: Homes with large open areas offer a sense of freedom. Such spaces also make it easier for people to relax, as it provides them with a much-needed change from being closed away in four walls all day long. The ability to enjoy your evening and some snacks with an uninterrupted view can end your day on a high.
  • Greenery, nature trails and nearby gardens: A study of the population of England in 2008 found that the risk of circulatory disease was much lower in people living near greener areas. Over the years, innumerable studies have shown that nature and natural spaces can alleviate stress, improve social interaction, encourage physical exercise and even help soothe mental illness. Additionally, places like gardens, encourage people to spend time with themselves, which is essential for mental health and self-reflection.
  • Areas to boost socialising: Architectural designs can facilitate social interactions in your family and with others. An inviting setting, with adequate seating area, can encourage people to sit and chat, for example, an amphitheatre. Charming open spaces encourage people to come out of their homes and socialise with those around them. Research has also shown that healthy social interaction can help reduce stress and leads to fewer colds, lower blood pressure and heart rates.
  • Areas for physical activities and sports: It is popular knowledge that physical exercise releases happy hormones, i.e. endorphins, which uplift moods and create an overall sense of comfort. More importantly, regular physical activity can keep the body healthy and in good shape, ensuring a longer and happier life.
  • Areas for physical activities and sports: It is popular knowledge that physical exercise releases happy hormones, i.e. endorphins, which uplift moods and create an overall sense of comfort. More importantly, regular physical activity can keep the body healthy and in good shape, ensuring a longer and happier life.
Tata Housing Serein brings you homes that offer you all these amenities and more. It is located on the Pokhran road number 2 in Thane West which is a very well-developed area, near the Upvan lake and Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The enchanting outdoor living spaces, landscaped areas, organic gardens and dining, lotus ponds and other features not only ensure a plush lifestyle for you and your family, but can also positively impact on your mood and spirit right from the beginning of your day to the end!
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How to know when it is the right time to reuse and recycle 

How the right living space can shape your moods
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Our love for frivolous, short-lived fashions that we deem ‘luxurious’ has opened our eyes to understanding the level of damage we are constantly causing our environment and world. Scientists and environmentalists have been pleading to mend ways but change comes slowly and the results are not obvious overnight. However, every small effort counts in the fight to make our planet cleaner and greener, and you can start right at home by knowing when it is time to recycle and reuse.

Basics of the three ‘R’s  
The mantra of minimalistic living is the holy grail of the three Rs- Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. The term and the movement have been around since the 1970s but have not always been followed. It elaborates how to- Reduce your consumption and waste production, reuse items that can be used again,  and recycle others. Simple! 

How to Reduce  
You can reduce waste created by you through simple decisions in your everyday life- choosing to drink coffee in a mug instead of a takeaway plastic cup, taking shorter showers, buying groceries from fresh farmers markets (to reduce the use of packaging), carrying your own cloth bags, and other such measures that help cut down on unwanted waste.  There are many ways to reduce problems like air pollution, such as using public transport or carpooling with colleagues when travelling to work. Or switching of all lights and electronic gadgets when not in use, to reduce CFL emissions which are harmful to the environment. Reducing the use of plastic disposables is another way to cut back pollution as these are non-biodegradable.

When to Reuse ? 
Invest in jute shopping bags that you can reuse every time you head to the market or turn old cloth into shopping bags, utilise the other side of printed paper for rough work before recycling it, reuse old clothes as dish cloths or for cleaning. You can also reuse newspapers to wrap things up,  and when you can’t do that,  repurpose it! Use old wine bottles to store water instead of buying plastic ones or throw some fairy lights into them to create a more inviting ambience in your home. Other creative things you can do include using old, coloured glass to create collages. These collages look quirky and funky, and are ideal for decorating casual settings.

What to Recycle? 
There is a limit to exactly what goods are recyclable. Though plastic water bottles do qualify, there is already enough to go around four times the earth when lined up! There are special recycle areas where you can give your old electronics, bottles, cans, paper and environmentally toxic products, which are recycled and disposed in a responsible manner. Find out where the nearest recycling facility is and figure out the kind of items they accept. There are also a number of NGOs and organizations like Urjaa, Chintan, Banyan Nation, Jaagruti and more that accept all kinds of waste items from electronic waste to paper, clothes and more. These are then recycled to ensure a safer environment that can benefit the planet and you as well.

Donation drives
Instead of just throwing away your old or unwanted clothes, books and magazines, bags, shoes etc., donate them to charity. These items will go towards someone less fortunate and will be put to good use.  

How the right living space can shape your moods
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Best out of waste
Besides, you can always create something fun with all the unused things you have lying around. Make a paper-mache bowl or pencil stand with newspapers to stack your pencils, use scraps of ribbon and paper to create handmade bookmarks, a pair of ripped jeans can be turned into a handbag and if you have single socks lying around, make a sock snake for a little one to cuddle with (after washing it, of course). Old baby clothes and blankets can be converted into a ‘memory duvet’ that you can gift your child when they’re older. 

While you take to the good of the environment, you should also take to the good of your home, since that’s where change begins. Instead of replacing furniture,  move it around to give your interiors a face-lift,  set aside separate bins for wet  and dry waste. Even housing development like Tata Housing Serein are now committed to creating beautiful, sustainable homes,  that are a pride for their owners and a positive change for the environment. 
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Interior decoration ideas for small homes

Memory Wall
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In the last few years, the housing trend has shifted from bungalows to apartment complexes. This is because such housing societies offer safety and amenities that meet the fast-paced lives that people live today. While this does mean less space, it does not necessarily have to affect the way you decorate it. So here are a few great ideas to decorate your homes!

Memory Wall
Turn a plain, boring gallery or hallway wall into a wall of memories. Frame memorable moments from your childhood and
vacations of your family and friends and put them up on the wall. Play around with the frames to give the wall a quirky look or keep them uniformed in design for a more elegant look. Either way, it will not only add life to a boring wall but will also give your apartment a personal touch.

Wall niches
Memory Wall
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Walls are versatile and can be used in a number of ways to decorate a home. An interesting, but a lesser known way of using walls is by creating niches in them. Of course, you must first check if this can be done without damaging the structure. However, if possible, you can use these niches for storage or to hold small, indoor plants (real or artificial), or other decorative items like vases, curious etc., depending on your interior style.

Lighting fixtures
Another easy way to decorate your home is by using lighting fixtures. If the space in your home is limited, opt for hanging, ceiling or wall-mounted lights. These come in an array of designs and styles that serve a dual purpose of lighting up your home while adding a unique style to it. Depending on your interior style, they can either lend a casual or sophisticated ambience to your home.

Lighting fixtures
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Along with the design and style of the lighting fixtures, the type of lights you use also significantly impacts your home environment. LED lights have become one of the most popular lighting options as they are available in various colours – allowing you to create the perfect indoor ambience depending on your preference. They also reduce utility bills as they are more energy saving in comparison to CFL bulbs.

Tip: Install warm white lights in your study and add warm yellow lights to the rest of your house as these are easy on the eyes.

Space-saving furniture
Space-saving furniture
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Rather than fitting bulky, low-lying furniture in your space, which makes your room look small, go for something sleek and space saving. Consider using furniture with legs, such as sofas, chairs and coffee tables as they create an illusion of larger spaces. Flexi furniture items that are both, functional and space saving and that are perfect for compact spaces are folding iron tables and multi utility furniture like a sofa-cum-beds and storage offering ottomans and multi-purpose wardrobes. These help you create a clutter-free environment at home without compromising your comfort. If your room allows it, you can even fit a hanging egg chair by your window or in the balcony (if you have one). It would serve as an ideal place to sit back and read a book while enjoying a hot cup of coffee!

Light curtains for better aesthetics
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Dark coloured walls or curtains can make a small room seem even smaller. So, opt for curtains in light colours to maximise light in your house. However, ensure that the curtains match the colour of your walls or are a contrasting shade.
Tip: Hanging curtains from higher up the wall can create an illusion of more space.

Think plants
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If you think the corners of your home are a waste of space, you are not thinking creatively enough. These are ideal spaces to place indoor plants that not only liven up the interiors of your home with some colour but also have a positive effect on your mental and physical health. Snake plants, Aloe, Cacti, Jade plants and Spider plants are some popular kinds you can add to your room.

Mirror, mirror on the wall!
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Dress up empty wall areas, especially your bedrooms by installing mirrors. Fitting mirrors in the right places can cover up any imperfections in the room and create the illusion of extra space. Consider placing a full-length mirror in your home; something that has a slightly ornate appearance. It will offer a full-length view of yourself and give your room a larger appearance.

Your own cosy corner
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Your balcony is one of the most versatile aspects of your home. It can be repurposed into a variety of places such as a cosy reading corner, a little hanging garden, or even an alternate dinner space of your own. You can use light hangings to adorn your balcony with small plants or a pretty, foldable table and chairs with hanging fairy lights to create a romantic ambience. It's that simple!

Housing developments like Tata Housing Serein offer smart 1BHK condos that are minimalistic and elegant, and perfect for urban city dwellers. T exclusive 1 bed apartments are tastefully planned, making it easier and more fun to spruce them up with decorative ideas that match your taste and personality. These spaces are planned to provide modern facilities, ample natural light and outdoor decks that are perfect for sitting back and relaxing. It also offers great outdoor features such as a beautiful lotus pond, kid’s play area, organic farm with dining, swimming pools and more to ensure you get the best of both worlds. Now, isn’t that something you would want to come home to everyday?
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How a pet park can change your pet’s life

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Hordes of happy pets running around and playing with each other, open spaces for them to stay off their leashes and get their daily dose of exercise. Sounds like pet heaven, doesn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what pet parks offer and a little bit more. Here’s how a pet park can change the life of your furry little friend.

Fresh air and exercise
Like us humans, our pet pals also need to get out of the house and get a little exercise and fresh air. Public pet parks allow ample space for pets to run around without you having to worry about someone being terrified at the sight of a dog
without a leash. Exercise keeps your pets at a healthy weight which, in turn, helps to prevent diseases such as diabetes and arthritis, thus increasing their lifespan.

Reduces Loneliness
Most of the pet parents are usually occupied in the home or office chores throughout the day leaving our pets just by themselves in the house. Their want of attention can, at times, affect them making it very important for them to have friends too. Pet parks offer that chance to reduce the loneliness our pets feel, as this is where they can make new friends.

Reduce aggression
It has been seen that puppies who start socialising at an early age with other dogs tend to show less aggression as they get older. A pet park, is thus, the perfect place for our pets to meet others of their kind, which in turn helps them develop emotional and mental health.

For most pet owners, it can be quite difficult to walk their dogs on the streets as there is a threat of attacks by street dogs and moving traffic. Pet parks are a solution to this problem. Since these are pet-friendly spaces, we can allow our furry friends to explore the place without fearing for our pet’s or our safety.

Socializing opportunity for pet parents
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Pet parks also make a great meeting spot for pet owners. When we take our pets to the park for their daily exercise, there is always the possibility to strike up a conversation with other pet owners. After all, a cute furry pet is perhaps one of the best conversation starters, isn't it? Pet parks are particularly great if you’re new in the neighbourhood, as it is an easy way to start making acquaintances and friends in the neighbourhood.

Information network
The social relationships that pet owners build through interacting with like-minded pet lovers in these parks can be an ideal place to participate in conversations and information that are related to events, doctors, and veterinarians.

Housing developments like Tata Housing Serein offer great outdoor features such as a pet park for smart urbanites who understand how important it is to take care of pets. Helping our pets enjoy a quality life that is full of fun is part of being a loving, caring pet owner.
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Questions you must ask before buying a home

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Buying a house is one of adulthood’s most significant milestones, which brings with it both, immense joy and anxiety. Of course, it is not all that difficult a job, but if you are thinking of buying a home, it would ideally be a long-term investment. This is why there are numerous important things you must be aware of during the process. Want to know those questions? Read on!

How will it impact my current cost of living?
Not only do you have to keep in mind how much you will be paying for the house upfront, but you also have to consider the EMI on the home loan that will follow. Today, banks offer loans of up to 95% of the property value, subject to a customer’s eligibility.
Your appetite for EMI payments will depend on various factors such as the number of dependents, life stage of family members, personal financial goals to be achieved etc. These may not necessarily reflect as current cash outflows in your bank statement and hence may not impact the loan eligibility. Thus, it becomes imperative to account for such future expenses while committing to an EMI. Also, EMIs are subject to change basis a change in interest rates.

What is, and will be the cost of maintenance?
Buying a new home is not limited to being just a one-time investment. It is generally a long-term engagement. Maintenance here is an important issue and has direct correlation to the set of amenities provided in the development. You may want to live in an amenity-rich project but do keep in mind the monthly outflow towards maintenance and property tax.

What are the title or ownership requirements?
You should do your due diligence by inquiring about the title and ownership requirements since these are legal aspects of owning a property. It is essential that you ask about the land title documents, and the history of the house, like who lived there previously, or the history of the locality. You must also check the terms of resale with the developers as some developers can haul people into unfavourable settlements.

What about the demographics in the neighbourhood?
The neighbourhood is a vital matter, and the demographics should have veto power over whether or not you buy a particular house. Be sure to ask questions concerning the same. Who are my neighbours? What kind of schools and hospitals are located nearby? Are there any parks for children to play? What types of people live around my locality? Is the area safe for my family? – These are critical questions to which you must have answers before settling in.  This is particularly important if you are about to start a new family or have a young family. This way you can be sure that everything you need for a new life is within your reach.

Social Infrastructure
Regardless of whether you're buying the property to live in or as an investment to eventually rent out, the social infrastructure is of great importance. Keep in mind the essentials- proximity to quality healthcare and educational facilities, and other entertainment options such as parks, theatres, and malls. Reputable educational institutions could broaden your pool of potential tenants to not only families, but also students, studying at specific institutions and looking for a suitable living space.

How easy or difficult will it be to commute to work?  
For working families, daily commuting will be a make or break issue. In metro cities, there are usually various public transport options such as trains, buses and metro lines. But consider how close these stops or stations are to your home. Traffic conditions and connectivity are also things you should bear in mind when making the decision. If you plan to commute in your own vehicle, look for a property with well-developed roads around. Another essential feature that you must have is adequate parking space for your vehicles.

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Of course, all these questions might make it seem like finding the perfect home is near impossible. That, however, is not true. When there are residential projects like Tata Housing Serein which offers a host of modern amenities like swimming pools, tennis courts, play areas for kids and more,  you can be hopeful that you will find your dream home.

Apart from great infrastructure within the complex, Tata Housing Serein is located near hospitals like Bethany Hospital, Jupiter hospital, and entertainment options like Viviana Mall, Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Upvan Lake. Situated on Pokhran Road Number 2 in Thane, it offers more than chic, urban homes which ensure that Tata Housing Serein checks all the boxes so that you can have your dream home right today! 
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